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BioMetric Payment Processing - High Schools Only
Biometric Payment Processing is HERE, starting January 19, 2016, at high schools only!

Rather than punching in a lengthy number (which holds up breakfast/lunch lines), high schools students will be able to pay with a “touch of a finger.” Biometric scanning, through IDconnect, uses a vector measuring technique of points on the finger (not a fingerprint), which provides access to a student’s meal payment account. Payment processing is quick and provides additional account security.

How does your child sign-up?
Students can sign-up in their school's cafeteria.

What is involved in signing-up?
Your child’s left and right index finger points will be scanned. This process will take less than 1 minute. Again, this is not a finger print.

Is sign-up mandatory?
No, enrollment is not mandatory. Your student will still be able to access their meal payment account using their account number. Again, this type of processing is meant to speed up breakfast/lunch lines and provide another layer of security to your child’s meal account. If you would prefer that your child not enroll, an opt-out link will be posted shortly.

My child does not eat in the cafeteria.
All students have a lunch account, whether or not it is used. We still encourage those students who bring their lunch to sign-up, especially in those cases where they might have forgotten their lunch at home and might not remember their meal account number. Again, enrollment is optional.