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Special Diets
Accommodating Students with Disabling Special Dietary Needs
FMSD participates in the federal Child Nutrition Program (School Lunch and School Breakfast) and is required to make accommodations for children who are unable to eat the school meals because of a disability that restricts their diet. In order to make modifications or substitutions to the school meal, schools must have a written Medical Statement on file that is signed by a licensed physician.

Accommodating Students with Special Dietary Needs
Substitutions for individual students who are not “disabled persons” but who are unable to consume a food item because of medical or other special dietary needs are made on a case-by-case basis when supported by a statement signed by a recognized medical authority.

Students with food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities are noted on the point of sale software at each school.  The student, teacher and cafe staff work together to ensure that these foods are avoided. 

All food sold in the cafeteria are peanut and tree nut safe.  Students are allowed to bring these items from home and each school has procedures in place to keep students safe. 

Allergen and nutritional information are available with each menu. As a best practice, we encourage parents to take time to review these with your child to help empower them in the cafeteria.