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Board presented with middle school attendance area recommendation during business meeting
Board presented with middle school attendance area recommendation during business meeting
Posted on 11/01/2016

After several weeks of community input regarding three attendance map options, Superintendent Dr. Chuck Epps presented the administration's middle school attendance area recommendation to the Board of Trustees during the November 1, 2016 regular board meeting.

Epps recommended Option A-1, which reflects modifications made from the original map Option A. 

The following is Dr. Epps’ presentation statement:

“The recommendation tonight takes into account the impact of the expected residential growth and the subsequent enrollment increases that will take place over the course of the next five years. This is an extraordinarily difficult aspect of the decision in that neither the high level of development activity nor the expected enrollment increases is anywhere close to an exact science.

What I must do is make a recommendation that I feel is in the best interests of the district overall – one that supports our history and our vision of academic excellence, challenging instructional programs, and high quality facilities for all students.

Let me say before I make the recommendation that there is no perfect plan and that any plan that requires your child to change schools will benefit from all of our support.  While these types of changes are a necessary part of dealing with our extraordinary growth, that most recently has exceeded 900 students per year, neither I nor the Board take these matters lightly.

The community and parental input that we have received over the course of the last several weeks is an important part of the discussions leading up to my recommendation this evening and to the decision that will be made by the Board of Trustees on November 15th.

I have reviewed the options and public input and, with this in mind, my recommendation to you, the Board of Trustees, is an enhanced version of Option A, called Option A-1, that includes certain minor modifications than what was presented on October 11th.

The primary features of Option A-1 are as follows:

1.  Students on both sides of South Doby’s Bridge Road will now attend Banks Trail Middle School, including Massey, Linwood Farms, and Oxford Place. Click here for Map Option A-1.

No grandfathering is recommended.  This allows for comparable programming, staffing, and extracurricular activities for all five middle schools across the Fort Mill School District.  

I feel that these enhancement will better position us to sustain the attendance area plan, not just for the opening of Pleasant Knoll Middle School next year, but for the next five years and prepare the district for the 6th middle school.”

Dr. Epps’ slide presentation can be viewed by clicking here.

Update 11/4/2016:  The following link provides a variety of stats, including 5-year projected enrollment based on known new housing developments.  OPTION A-1 - Stats with 5 Year Enrollment Projections

Community Input – November 2-14, 2016
As the Board considers the administration’s recommendation, the community is invited to provide feedback regarding the administration’s recommendation of Option A-1.

The input period will run from November 2 – 14, with the Board of Trustees slated to take action on November 15, 2016 during its monthly scheduled work session.

Click here to provide feedback to the Board of Trustees.