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Inclement Weather Make Up Day Announced
Inclement Weather Make Up Day Announced
Posted on 09/13/2017

Fort Mill School Board procedure requires the use of the next available inclement weather make-up day to be used for missed days. The October 30, 2017 inclement weather make-up day will be used to replace the day missed due to Hurricane Irma. Students should plan to attend school on October 30.

Lost time due to inclement weather is lost instruction time for our students. The district values student instructional time and feels it is important to regain as much of that time as possible for our students. 

SC State Law H.3890 requires that 3 statutory weather make-up days must be used before a school board is granted the right to waive up to 3 remaining weather make-up days.

Monday, September 11 was the first day missed due to inclement weather during the 2017–2018 school year and will need to be replaced with an inclement weather make-up day.