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Lunch and Learn students take home bags of books thanks to Rotary Club grant
Lunch and Learn students take home bags of books thanks to Rotary Club grant
Posted on 06/29/2017

Thanks to a grant from the Fort Mill Rotary Club, students in the Fort Mill School District Lunch and Learn program each took home a bag filled with books on Wednesday. Students were allowed to choose 15 books appropriate for their reading level. Tables filled with books were set up for the students to choose from, with guidance from Rotary Club members who joined them for the occasion.

“The most important thing is that they maintain their reading level during the summer,” said Casey Czapla, Lunch and Learn program leader. “We don’t want that “summer slide” to happen.”

Summer reading loss, or “summer slide,” can happen when students have limited access to books, such as summer time when students aren’t in school.  Over time, summer slide can cause students to fall between one and four reading levels behind other students, according to research. 

The books provided by the Rotary Club grant will help ensure that students have books to read throughout the summer, helping combat the “summer slide.”

The summer Lunch and Learn program is a four-week program that provides selected students with breakfast and lunch, a backpack filled with nutritional foods to take home each week, and educational programming provided by certified teachers.

Last summer, 98 percent of students in the Lunch and Learn program maintained their reading level without any summer reading loss. The majority of students increased their reading levels by one to two levels.

The Fort Mill Rotary Club handed out more than $68,000 in grants this year, including the grant for the Lunch and Learn program, requested by the Foundation for Fort Mill Schools for the Fort Mill School District.

“The Fort Mill Rotary Club was delighted to provide grants to so many deserving agencies in the community this year, including the grant to the Foundation for Fort Mill Schools for the Lunch and Learn program. Ensuring students’ academic success is important to us as a club, as well as to me personally, and we were excited for the opportunity to provide these books to students,” said Michele Branning, Fort Mill Rotary Club President.