School Improvement Council (SIC)

  • The School Improvement Council’s goals  for the 2019 -2020 school year were to promote student achievement and to foster a relationship between the school, families, and the community. The SIC meets monthly to discuss topics consistent with Nation Ford High School's mission and beliefs. The topics related to student achievement and school growth and included discussion regarding district initiatives, school initiatives,  community/city impact.

    For information about SIC's in South Carolina, click here. 

    2021-2022 NFHS SIC Annual Report



SIC Members

  • Nation Ford High School Improvement Council Members


    Buffy Foor - Parent
    Theresa Fugazzi-Riga - Parent
    Melissa Cota - Parent
    Matthew Lawhun - Teacher
    Mary Thompson - Teacher
    Cody Markow - Student
    Teddy Feldman - Student

    Appointed Members

    Frank DeLuise - Community Member
    Pam Harris - Community Member

    Ex-officio Members

    Jason Johns - Principal
    Anthony Scorsone - Assistant Principal
    Kathy Seastead - Teacher
    Rick Solt - Teacher

SIC Meetings and Agendas

SIC Minutes