• Mission

    Each day at FMMS we nurture and educate our students to value life-long learning and positively impact the world.


    We believe:

    • School must be a nurturing place to learn. All people must feel respected and safe academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.
    • All students are capable of learning and experiencing success.
    • Each student is a valued individual whose uniqueness should be celebrated.
    • Collaboration is essential for effective teaching and learning to take place.
    • A challenging curriculum leads to critical thinking and high expectations for student growth both academically and behaviorally.
    • The school, home, and community all have the responsibility of providing a supportive learning environment. All must work in partnership and support each other.

    Jacket Creed

    Jackets act with kindness and tenacity.

    We value safety and communication.

    We engage in a caring community and

    We demonstrate support and respect for all.