• 2022-23 Activities and Clubs


    Academic Challenge Team

    Sponsors: Minka Taylor, Wendy White, Lindsay Morrow    

    Who Should Come: Students who know a lot of info beyond their grade level.  There is a minimum grade requirement of a B in all classes and students who tryout must score high on the test given.   

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Wednesdays 3:20 – 4:20.  Season starts in January and meets start at 4:00.    

    Purpose/Description: This is a team of high achieving students who compete against in the region (not just the district) against other middle schools in a set up similar to Quiz Bowl.

    Art Club


    Sponsors: Jamie Smith

    Who Should Come: 7th & 8th grade students only. Club is currently full.

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Mondays after school from 3:15 p.m - 4:30 p.m. Starting October 24th.

    Purpose/Description: Painting props for the Matilda Musical, Designing and painting mini murals on the Related arts hallway, Creating Art inspired bulletin boards for hallway display, personal art work as time allows. 


    Battle of the Books


    Sponsors: Wendi Michael

    Who Should Come: Any student who reads the summer reading books and wants to compete against other students regarding the books.

    Meeting Time/Dates:  4th Wednesday of the month during FLEX in media center.  Unofficially all Wednesdays during FLEX if students don’t have another meeting until February

    Purpose/Description: Read 10 of SC Junior Book Nominees and compete with other schools answering questions about the books.


    Book Club


    Sponsors: Wendi Michael

    Who Should Come: All Grades Welcome

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Once a month during lunch starting in February

    Purpose/Description: Read books and talk about them            


    Bulldog Buddies/ Unified Club


    Sponsors: Vanessa Rivera

    Who Should Come: Open to all students 

    Meeting Time/Dates:  During Flex

    Purpose/Description: To create an environment that includes the Special Olympics Champions School model of Unified Sports and Health, Inclusive Youth leadership and whole school engagement.


    Bulldog Robotics with VEX IQ


    Sponsors: Megan Rodriguez, Rachael Shriver

    Who Should Come: Grades 6-8; application process in the fall at the start of the season 

    Meeting Time/Dates:  T/TH 3:10-4:15

    Purpose/Description: VEX IQ Competition Robotics

    Chess Club

    Sponsors: Eric Hammond

    Who Should Come: Students interested in playing chess.

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Mondays (start January) - TBD

    Purpose/Description: To expand students’ knowledge about the game of Chess.

    Diversity Center

    Sponsors: Guilbault, Stevens, Welch

    Who Should Come: Any 7th and 8th Grade Students

    Meeting Time/Dates:  TBD

    Purpose/Description: Explore our similarities, celebrate our differences, and have fun


    Girls on the Run


    Sponsors: Aimee Gallert

    Who Should Come: All Girls, 6th-8th Grade

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Fall 2022 M/W 3:15-4:45 room 311

    Purpose/Description: Trained coaches host a 6th-8th grade program in their community to inspire girls to value what makes them unique. Together, teams uncover confidence and understand the importance of physical and emotional health.

    Gold Hill Percussion Ensemble


    Sponsors: Jennifer Isenhour & Jennifer Hughes (FMHS Band)

    Who Should Come: Any GHMS Band percussionist

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Wednesdays 7:20-8:00am

    Purpose/Description: To learn about, practice and perform percussion music

    Golf Squad

    Sponsors: Dean Sigmon

    Who Should Come: All students – Cost $179

    Meeting Time/Dates:  After School - 7 sessions – Monday’s 3:15 – 4:15 (Sept. 26 – Nov. 14, 2022)

    Purpose/Description: Golf Instruction from experienced PGA golf professional


    Sponsors: Leslie Shrum

    Who Should Come: LGBTQ+ friends and allies

    Meeting Time/Dates:  7:45-8:10 on Wednesdays

    Purpose/Description: GSA is a student-led and student-organized club that aims to create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all youth, regardless of orientation or gender identity.

    Jazz Band

    Sponsors: Jennifer Isenhour

    Who Should Come: Auditioned students

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Tues/Thurs 7:20-8:00am

    Purpose/Description: To learn about, practice and perform Jazz Band Music

    Junior Beta Club


    Sponsors: Hallie Carey, Lynn Cooper, Morey Reinblatt, Rachel Shriver, Adam Miller

    Who Should Come: Students are invited to join Beta based on grade point average and exemplary morals. This list is generated by the FMSD District Office. Induction in November 

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Currently the first Wednesday of the Month, however this will be changing to after school meetings in November. 

    Purpose/Description: A club dedicated to community outreach and volunteering. 

    Let Me Run

    Sponsors: Roger Metz (Volunteer)

    Who Should Come: All Students – No Cost

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Tuesday’s and Thursday’s  (3:15 – 4:30) – beginning on 10/18

    Purpose/Description: Give kids the opportunity to stay physically fit.


    Pep Band

    Sponsors: Jennifer Isenhour

    Who Should Come: Selected GHMS Band students

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Flex on Fridays in January

    Purpose/Description: To learn and practice pep band music, perform at home basketball game for boys and girls


    Recycle Club

    Sponsors: Scot Kiggans

    Who Should Come: Anyone in Kiggans HR with no school work and is willing to help.

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Kiggans Homeroom

    Purpose/Description: During Flex homeroom collects recycling for the entire school. We are working to expand to the lunches to decrease waste.


    Student Council


    Sponsors: Lauren Clarke, Kelly Reilly, Kristen Beam

    Who Should Come: Students apply at the end of the school year for the next year (6th graders apply at the beginning of 6th grade)

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Periodically during FLEX and as needed by the advisors

    Purpose/Description: Create a culture of positivity at GHMS, support GHMS students and teachers, advocate for GHMS students on important issues, train students to be leaders at school functions

    Upstanders/Coffee Bean Club


    Sponsors: Angie Harms, Victoria Ashare, Sam Higginbotham

    Who Should Come: Application is open to any 6-8th grader.

    Meeting Time/Dates:  4th Wednesday during FLEX and as needed Wednesday FLEX for projects

    Purpose/Description: Students problem solve challenges they see



    Sponsors: Lindsey Everhart, Tate Hamilton, Angie Harms

    Who Should Come: 7th grade A-Team members and 8th grade WEB leaders

    Meeting Time/Dates:  3rd Wednesday Club Day of the month meet with 6th graders / Meets with 8th/7th A team Tuesdays during FLEX before Wednesday of WEB

    Purpose/Description: To encourage GHMS to be a place "Where Everybody Belongs"; we also work on teambuilding and problem-solving skills as students transition into 6th grade as well building leadership skills in our leaders. 



    Sponsors: Kirsten Morrell, Brittany Houck

    Who Should Come: Those whose applications have been accepted

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Mondays during Flex

    Purpose/Description: Create the 2022-2023 yearbook

    Youth Commission International (YCI)

    Sponsors: Kyle Harris

    Who Should Come: All are welcome

    Meeting Time/Dates:  Wednesdays @ The Chorus Room (616) 7:45am-8:05

    Purpose/Description: Student-led Christian club that plays, reads the Bible and prays together.