School Improvement Council (SIC)

  • Mandated by law, the SIC serves as an advisory group to the Riverview principal and faculty. It plays a crucial role in school improvement by bringing together parents, educators, and community stakeholders who work collectively to establish and monitor long-range goals for student achievement. 

    SIC duties focus primarily on the school improvement process.


    • provide input and feedback during the development of the school's five-year renewal (improvement) plan and annual updates
    • assist in implementation of school improvement programs and activities
    • monitor and report on progress toward improvement goals in the annual SIC Report to the parents and with the principal in the narrative to the SC School Report Card
    • provide other assistance as requested by the principal

    Riverview SIC Report to Parents 2022

    Riverview SIC Report to Parents 2021

    South Carolina School Improvement Council

SIC Membership

  • New members for the current school year are elected in October and generally serve two-year terms. Community Member representatives are appointed by the Principal. Any interested party should contact Annette Chinchilla, school principal, for more information.

    2021 - 2022

    Annette Chinchilla  - Principal
    Scott Sinclair - Assistant Principal
    Angie Padillo - Assistant Principal
    Kay DeWalt - Lead Teacher
    James Whitlock - Teacher of the Year
    Jane Mosher - Parent
    Lyn Evans - Community member
    Fionne Stout  - Parent
    James Warren - Parent
    Chelsea Padgett  - Parent
    Tom Russell -  Parent
    Jessica Colburn - Parent
    Lacy Hoover - Parent
    Loren Godchaux - Guidance