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2017-2018 School Report Card
2017-2018 School Report Card
Posted on 11/30/2018

The South Carolina Department of Education has released the new school and district report cards. These are the first report cards to contain ratings in four years and the first cards under South Carolina’s joint school accountability system, which combined the state and federal accountability systems for public schools. The new online report cards reflect data elements and student performance information from the 2017–2018 school year. 

Overall the Fort Mill School District continues to perform well and remains as one of the highest academic achieving school districts in the state. 

Understanding the new report cards

There are many changes from the old system in the manner in which data is collected, calculated and reported, along with a new online interface for review and comparison. The new online system can be found at The state has also developed a guide to help the public navigate the system and understand the data. 

Important information for understanding the report cards: 

1. Districts no longer receive an overall rating. Only individual schools are given a rating of Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average or Unsatisfactory. 

2. Schools receive points based on different indicators such as academic achievement, student progress, college and career readiness, graduation rate and school quality. 

3. Points from each indicator are totaled and ratings are assigned based on a school’s total points compared to all other schools in the state. The number of schools assigned to each rating was predetermined. (Top 15% = Excellent, next 20% =Good, next 35% = Average, next 20%= Below Average, Lowest 10%= Unsatisfactory.) 

4. The Student Progress indicator focuses on overall student progress and the lowest performing 20% of students at the elementary and middle school levels. Schools with overall high academic performance typically did not see high student progress ratings due to the majority of students already performing at an elevated level with little room for growth compared to the overall state growth. 

5. The School Quality indicator is based on a voluntary student engagement survey of 20 questions administered to all students in grades 3-12. Based on the survey results students were designated as committed, compliant or disengaged. Only the percent of students designated at the highest level of committed were awarded points. 

6. Not all schools meet the total number of required students designated as English Learners (20 or more) to participate in the English Learners’ Progress indicator. Schools that did not meet the required students had the 10 possible points divided and allocated to other indicators. 

Click here to view the state report cards. 

Click here to download the 2018 guide.