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Educator Effectiveness

The Fort Mill Schools Office Educator Effectiveness described here reflects the district’s commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and keeping Children First…Every Day. Our purpose is to provide information and resources for educators at all contract levels regarding the South Carolina Expanded ADEPT process, requirements for certification, and opportunities for professional growth and development. Use the menu to the left to navigate through these various components.

Our office provides specific processes and tools to support the development of all teachers throughout the stages of their careers. Contact Debra Miller (elementary, speech, National Board), Jennifer Johnson (secondary, media and guidance), or Jessica Calloway (induction teachers).

Support is provided for teachers new to the profession through a comprehensive Induction Program. This intensive program includes trained school-level mentors, seminars, observations, and individualized support. At the annual contract level, the system includes valuable training, support, evaluation, and feedback to teachers in order to facilitate their advancement to a professional teaching certificate and/or continuing contract.

For continuing contract teachers, the focus of the evaluation system is individual professional growth and development- informed by observations of professional performance and student learning growth data. Student learning objectives (SLOs) and other student performance data are monitored regularly. Professional performance is monitored by formal observations and artifacts during the teacher’s recertification year and by informal observations during other years.

The evaluation system works to ensure the highest level of educator effectiveness in the Fort Mill Schools by providing ongoing support and professional development for all teachers. This data-informed continuous improvement model of teacher development is integral to the district’s ongoing strategic planning and firmly aligns to our core value of putting Children First…Every Day.

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Jessica Calloway

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