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Facility Rentals


Fort Mill School District General Principles for Community Use of District Facilities

Currently, we are pausing 2024-2025 school year rental requests until Aug. 16th, 2024, while we undergo software and procedural updates. Please provide your contact information below. We will contact you as soon as our software updates have been completed and we can take applications. Requests will be honored in the order in which they were received. The Community Use Policy will provide you with information on the type of users and events that are approved for rental use by the Fort Mill School Board.  Provide contact information here. 

The District Board of Trustees views District property as a community asset and promotes community use of such property for purposes that are consistent with and contribute to the District’s programs and promote the health and welfare of the children, youth, and adults in our District. As a service to the community, the Board may allow the use of public school property by individuals, organizations, institutions, and businesses for such educational, recreational, social, civic, philanthropic, and like purposes as the board deems in the best interest of the community.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to prescribe and publish separate administrative procedures required for the implementation of this policy in an orderly and equitable manner.

Eligible Users, Priority of Use and Fees Required

Category and Description

Fees Charged

Category A- District Affiliated Groups
  1. District-sanctioned Groups including teachers and students in the District’s regular K-12 curricular program and established co-curricular educational and extra-curricular activities, school clubs, and student organizations.

No fees are charged, and no facility use agreement is required, unless such groups are using facilities for a profit-making endeavor where 100% of the total profits are not deposited back into a school district fund.

  1. District-related Groups that conduct activities that enhance and support the District’s regular K-12 curricular programs and extra-curricular activities directly, such as PTO, academic, music and athletic booster clubs, and administrators’ organizations.
Category B- District Sponsored Community Use Groups
  1. District Partnership Groups that have entered into an agreement where these groups provide child care services to District students on District property. These partnership groups are Leroy Springs & Co, FLYERS afterschool and summer programs, Boys and Girls Club of York County and Upper Palmetto YMCA.

No fees are charged. Partnered groups are Board approved with current partnership contracts on file. The District assumes all costs associated with utilities and custodial services in lieu of child care services provided by said groups.

  1. School Sponsored Groups, each school will be granted by the District two sponsored facility use rentals per department. Requests must be made to the District Rental Facilitator by the school organization, school athletic team or specific school department.

Rental fees are charged to the community user based on a fee schedule approved by the Board. After hard costs are absorbed, remaining balance will be transferred to account designated by school Principal.

Category C- Not for Profit or Tax-Exempt Groups
  1. Federal, State and Local Government Agencies.

Fees will be charged for these groups based on a fee schedule approved by the Board to recover costs of rent, utilities and custodial services required by this policy.

  1. Organized Non-Profit Community and Civic Groups, supervised church and non-profit faith based groups, local municipal parks and recreation groups and other non-profit groups with a 501(c)(3) certificate.
Category D- For Profit Groups, Private Groups and Individuals of the General Public

Persons, organizations or associations that request use of District facilities for a commercial enterprise or to engage in a business for profit.

Fees will be charged for these groups based on a fee schedule approved by the Board to recover costs of rent, utilities and custodial services required by this policy.

Contact information

Tamara Osborne
District Rental Facilitator
(803) 548-8031