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$ Pay Fees - Fees and Meal Funding

The Fort Mill School District offers parents a convenient, online payment system, called "$ Pay Fees" to process school-related fees.  

Effective with the 2016-2017 school year, parents can now fund their student's lunch account through $ Pay Fees. Monies added to a student's lunch account are available immediately. There are no service fees applied through $ Pay Fees. Please note that $ Pay Fees replaces "K12 Payment Center," which was used to fund student cafeteria accounts in prior years. By adding lunch account funding to $ Pay Fees, parents now only have one payment account to manage for school-related fees and charges.

$ Pay Fees greatly minimizes money collection and receipting by teachers, which maximizes instructional time in our classrooms while making it easier for parents to track student payments. School bookkeepers will continue to add various items to their school’s system throughout the school year, including field trips, class fees, t-shirt sales, etc. 

Online “$ Pay Fees” Account Access

The $ Pay Fees system is accessed by clicking on the $ Pay Fees link at the top of your child’s school website or the District’s home page. 

Registered “$ Pay Fees” Account Holders – Login Access

If already registered (i.e.: student re-registration fees paid), parents can use login information to access their account.  Please note the "forgot password" assistance link.

New $ Pay Fees Account Set-Up

Parents new to the school district will need to set-up a new $ Pay Fees account.  To start the process, parents will need their student’s ID number (i.e.: PowerSchool number) Parents with multiple students can link their children under one payment account using each child's individual student ID number. Student ID numbers are provided to every student; however, parents can contact their child's school directly for this information.

Step 1 - Provide account details. Click next when finished.

Step 2 – Include student id number and your student’s last name. Click "Add Student."

Step 3 – Click done or add additional students and click done when finished. Notice in the graphic below that once a student is added, the system will allow you to add additional students. Just be sure to have their respective student ID number(s) and last name(s). Once finished adding a student(s), press done to complete the account set-up.

Account Navigation – Summary and Student-Specific Tabs

Upon account access, a summary page is displayed.  Notice that this particular account has three children in two different schools. At this time, there are no outstanding fees due (i.e.: registration fee, English vocabulary book, etc.) noted on the summary page. Required fees will typically appear during the student re-registration process for the next academic school year.

To access a student's account, click on the applicable name tab.  As noted below, the graphic reflects Joe Student's account. This detailed page shows items that can be placed into the cart and the student's current lunch balance of $30.60.

To pay for additional items, simply click all applicable items (i.e.: item image) to add those fees to the cart.  Click on "add money" to further supplement your child's meal account. If you need to pay fees for another student within the account, click their tab and follow the same process. 

When ready to checkout, click the “Checkout” button and follow the process. Fees and meal funding are combined in the cart.  VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards are accepted.  As a reminder, meal funding is available to the student immediately once the payment is processed. There are no assessed service fees.

Prior Payments
Prior payments can be viewed by clicking on "Paid” tab in the gray bar on the child’s page or by printing a statement.  

Should an over-payment occur, parents can request a refund check from their child’s school. Or, over-payments can be applied to any future fees (i.e.: field trips, yearbooks, etc.)  To use the over-payment, log in and add fee to your cart and checkout as usual.  The over-payment will automatically be applied.

Please contact your child's school for additional assistance.  Thank you for supporting the $ Pay Fees on-line system.