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Human Resources

As one of the largest employers in the community, the Human Resources team strives to provide its employees with a safe and supportive workplace. We are deeply committed to advancing student achievement by recruiting, employing and retaining highly-qualified teachers, administrators and support staff for Fort Mill Schools. Our team oversees onboarding and orientation of new employees, handling personnel matters and policies and FMLA. We also recruit and manage the district’s substitute teacher program and other employee services.

Paul Buchanan - Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Educator Effectiveness

Darleen Romenick - Director of Talent Management

Yvonne Rempel - Director of Human Resources

Kristen Romanski - Coordinator of Human Resources

Role Name Email
Bookkeeper/Admin Asst. - HR E. Lorraine Gardner
Clerical, IT Tech, Interpreters, PowerSchool, Bookkeepers Melissa Lehr
Certificate Renewal/Evaluation - Elementary Debra Miller
Certificate Renewal/Evaluation - Middle and High Jennifer Johnson
Certificate Renewal - Librarians, Counselors Jennifer Johnson
Certified Staff – Elementary Jaqueline Schmid
Certified Staff – Middle and High Miriam Melton
Certified Staff - Special Ed and Related Services Holli Pinski
Chaperones and Volunteers Melissa Lehr
Classified Staff - HR Support Kristen Romanski
Coaches, Student Nutrition Kristain McCabe
Employee Badges Kristain McCabe
Employee Benefit Questions Angie Baker
Employee Benefit Questions Sherri McMillan
FMLA, Paid Parental Leave Shari Hartley
Induction Coach Jessica Calloway
Induction Coach Olivia Williams
Instructional, Library, Tech, ISS Assts Kristain McCabe
Interns Holli Pinski
Name Changes Melissa Lehr
National Board support Debra Miller
Payroll-Substitutes, Student Nutrition Megan Groll
Payroll-Teachers, Admin, Classified, Other Payroll Support Margaret Buckaloo
Payroll-Transportation, Maintenance, Classified, Coaches Christine Stone
Receptionist Melissa McGady
Recruitment and Retention Darleen Romenick

SPED Assts, Behavior Assts. Kristain McCabe
Substitutes, Long Term Subs Shari Hartley
Training Center Receptionist Jeanette Somerday
Transportation, Maintenance Melissa Lehr
Unemployment  Kristen Romanski
Verification of Employment – Loans/Income Holli Pinski
Verification of Employment –Teacher Credit and Loan Forgiveness Holli Pinski
Workmen's Comp. Amy Wood

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