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Classified Staff


  1. Supervisors will meet with classified employees to review the Classified Employee Performance Review (CEPR) evaluation instrument before October 31 of each year.
  2. The employee and the direct supervisor will agree upon a minimum of two goals for professional or personal improvement, with action steps to assist with achieving the goal, by October 31.
  3. A conference should be held during the year and documentation provided if an employee demonstrates behavior that could possibly constitute a rating of “unsatisfactory”.
  4. Final conferences should occur between April 15 – May 15 of each year utilizing the district Classified Employee Evaluation Form. Supervisors should complete evaluations by May 15 of each year and submit to Kristen Romanski, Coordinator of Human Resources. You may conduct the Goal Setting Worksheet for returning staff at this time or wait until the fall. Goals do not need to be submitted to Human Resources.

Classified Evaluation Form

Classified Goal Setting Form