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At Fort Mill School District, we are always looking for qualified substitutes to fill in for our teachers and staff when they can't be here.  If you have a passion for working with students, we encourage you to apply on our website to be a substitute in our fast growing district.                                                   

Apply to be a substitute. 

To complete a Substitute Application, you must log into the Employment Portal for Fort Mill School District and complete the application, submit 2 references and pass a background check. Once the application process is completed and screened, qualified candidates will be invited to attend a 1 day mandatory training class at our district office to learn our processes and helpful tips to use in the classroom.  This process can take several weeks, so please be patient as your application is processed and training is scheduled. Substitutes are required to work a minimum of 3 days a month to remain active in our system.

If you have a teaching certificate and are interested in being a Long Term Substitute, you may contact our Substitute Coordinator, Shari Hartley at or apply on our website.

Pay Rate

Daily Substitute Rate    

Long Term Schedule Rate    

 $100 per day  

   Certified Pay Scale

*Substitutes may earn a monthly attendance bonus of $100 a month for working 10 days a the month or $250 for working a full month based on the school calendar (with no missed days).

School Hours

Below are the school start and end times for substitutes. Please make sure that you are arriving on time as indicated in AESOP. You  need this time to ensure that your classroom is ready, all teacher notes are read, lesson plans are available, etc. You should be signing in and out at the office of each school. You will need to leave your car keys and pick up a sub badge upon arrival. You will receive your car keys when you turn in your badge at the end of the day. If your teacher states in the lesson plans that you are to cover afternoon duty (car rider line or bus duty), then you need to stay until the duty is over or you are released. If your teacher has 4th block planning, please check with the office to see where you are needed (DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL THE OFFICE RELEASES YOU).


 Substitute Arrival   

 School Begins   

 School Ends     

Substitute Dismissal

Elementary School     

7:15 AM

7:35 AM

2:00 PM

2:15 PM

Middle School

7:40 AM

8:10 AM

3:10 PM

3:10 PM 

High School

8:25 AM

8:40 AM

3:40 PM

3:40 PM


                                                                                     Apply to be a substitute.