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Maintenance Direct General Information

Maintenance Direct is a web-based work order entry system. The system allows Requestors to directly enter a work order into the Facilities Department 24/7 from the convenience of his/her own computer. It also provides reply information with every change in the status of a work order. Furthermore, the system allows for date stamped information for every data entry into the system, so a history of "who and when" regarding work orders is documented. All Faculty and Staff with valid Fort Mill School District e-mail addresses may use the system.

All work orders placed through the web-based system are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner, and all transactions are recorded for the Requestor, Technicians, and Facilities Supervisors.Remember, only one task per maintenance request, for multiple tasks enter multiple maintenance requests.

No matter how small or how big all maintenance work order requests must go through the SchoolDude website. Phoned and emailed work requests are not valid and will not be completed without an accompanying SchoolDude work request.  Undocumented maintenance costs the District much needed reimbursement monies from the State. Below is a direct link to begin creating a work order.


Expectations of the W.O. System and of the Facilities Department While work orders can be sent any time of day, every day of the week, the Facilities Department receives and processes W.O.'s during regular business hours, M-F. With the quantity of W.O.'s received it is necessary for the Facilities staff to prioritize the requested work and balance those with other daily and preventative maintenance operations. EMERGENCY repairs are always dealt with in the highest priority. Other repairs will follow. You should expect that non-emergency W.O.'s will be addressed within 1-3 days.