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Field Trips Extended Past Normal School Hours or Overnight

A field trip form must be completed for all off campus trips. It is important for this form to be completed by a parent/guardian with as much information as possible to insure your student has a trip with medical measures in place.

All medication must be supplied by the parent. Even if your student has medication(s) at school, the school nurse will not send it on field trips. The nurse cannot repackage medications. The medication must be in the original pharmacy-labeled or manufacture-labeled container and ONLY the amount needed for the trip needs to be in the container. No medication in baggies will be accepted.

If your child has medications such as an asthmatic inhaler, insulin injection, and Epi-pen that are required for emergency situations, the student may carry and self-administer as long as the proper permission forms are signed by a health care provider.

If your child has an inhaler, insulin injection, or Epi-pen in the school's health room, do not assume it will be sent on the trip. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to contact the school nurse and teacher to make the necessary arrangements for these to go with your child on a field trip.