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Permission for School Administration of Prescription Medications

Prescription medications are medicines that require a written prescription from a health care practitioner. In order for a child to be given a prescription medicine at school, the child’s health care practitioner and the child’s parent or guardian must sign a permission form. A medication permission form (M105) must be completed by the health care practitioner for each prescription medication to be given at school. Click here to download the M105 form.

A responsible adult should deliver the medicine and the permission form to the school. The medicine must be in the original container with the label on it from their pharmacy. No Ziploc bags will be accepted.

If a prescription medicine is currently being given at school and needed while your child is on a field trip, the parent/guardian must bring and supply the medicine to school by the day of the field trip. It must be in the original, marked container. Additional labeled bottles may be obtained from your pharmacy. No Ziploc bags will be accepted.