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Technology Services

The Technology Department of the Fort Mill School District works with the district’s educators to provide the tools and training they need to successfully integrate technology into the classroom. The department also provides technical support to district personnel for hardware and software.

The Fort Mill School District provides classroom access to Chrome tablets, Chromebooks, laptops and desktops. While hardware is an important component to the district’s technology services, the technology department also heavily invests in teacher training through technology-based professional development, ensuring that all of the district’s teachers are able to effectively engage students using technology.

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Emily Adair

Titles: Tech. Int. Specialist

Richard Berthelette

Titles: Network Engineer

Tracy Bletcher

Titles: Bookkeeper

Jonathan Bradstreet

Titles: Computer Tech Engineer

Debra Crenshaw

Titles: Student Info. Spec.

James Foster

Titles: Network Engineer

Tammy Fowler

Titles: Student Info. Spec.

James Gamble

Titles: Director/Network Services

Travis Hammett

Titles: Coord. Network Services

Mary Hice

Titles: Tech Support Specialist