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Student Pick up Procedure

All of our bus routes and stops are based on Federal/State Laws and guidelines, safety, and serving the most riders in the area. In addition, we have a scheduled to maintain in order that all students arrive at school or home at the appropriate time. 

Our drivers are not permitted to pick up or drop off students at a stop other than their assigned stop unless severe weather is present or written permission (Transportation Change Request Form) is provided to the Transportation Department by the student's school. 

During severe weather a driver may not leave their route, however, they may make additional stops closer to the student's home. 

All students are expected to be at their assigned stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time and be ready to immediately board the bus. All students arriving late at their assigned stop or at an unassigned stop will be warned and/or given a bus misconduct report. If the late arrival is infrequent and the student makes a concerted effort to not delay the bus our drivers are instructed to wait for the student. However, if the late arrival is frequent and no attempt is made to not delay the bus, our drivers are instructed to leave the stop as soon as all students are safely on the bus. This policy also applies to students missing the bus at their assigned stop and expecting to be picked up as the bus makes its way out of the development. 

All bus stops and times are published on the Fort Mill School District website. As we work together to make this school year the safest and best ever, we ask that you have your student at the stop on time and ready for immediate boarding.