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School Bus Rules

  • Follow the instructions from the driver
  • Ride your assigned bus and get on and off the bus at your assigned stop
  •  Remain seated in your assigned seat, facing forward, while the bus is moving
  •  No drinking or eating food on the bus; these are choking hazards
  • Keep all body parts inside the bus at all times
  •  Do not throw items from the bus or inside the bus
  • Classroom behavior must be observed; no loud noises or yelling
  • Aisles must remain free of book bags and other objects
  • No horseplay, fighting, boisterous or improper conduct
  •  Intimidation, harassment, bullying of students will not be tolerated
  • No profanity or obscene gestures directed at the driver or other students
  • Students must abide by the bus “carry on item” policy
  • Electronic devices are allowed on the bus for personal use only; music cannot be heard by the driver
  • Taking photos is not allowed on the bus
  • Weapons or unsafe objects are not allowed on the bus
  • Restitution will be required for vandalism to bus or bus seats
  • No tobacco, alcohol, drugs or any other controlled or unauthorized substances are allowed on the bus

 Note: These rules are not made by the driver; these rules are developed by the Fort Mill School District and the State of South Carolina.