About GHES

  • Mission

    Our vision for Gold Hill Elementary School is to provide a safe and enriching learning environment where everyone is encouraged to achieve his/her personal best.  We value a warm and welcoming atmosphere and seek to support our learning community through giving our best every day in every way.

    Guide Learning Opportunities in a Safe and Nurturing Environment                           

    ♦ Well maintained and clean facilities

    ♦ Friendly and caring staff

    ♦ Respectful students, parents, and staff

    ♦ Character Education

    ♦ “Go Green” School

    ♦ Encouraging a healthy life style

    Have High Expectations to Encourage Our Personal Best

    ♦ Students come ready to learn

    ♦ Meeting/exceeding State Standards

    ♦ Appropriate interventions

    ♦ Continuing staff education

    ♦ Parent education opportunities         

    Engage Students in Progressive and Challenging Lessons     

    ♦ Rigorous, engaging curriculum

    ♦ Programs that enhance and support the curriculum (i.e. visual and performing arts)

    ♦ Technology that supports learning   

    Support Putting Students First in Our Decisions

    ♦ Make decisions based on what is best for students

    ♦ Developing a strong sense of community

    ♦ Collaborative

    ♦ Shared decision making

    ♦ Take pride in our school

    ♦ Everyone is valued

    ♦ On-going communication

    ♦ Supportive and involved parents, teachers, staff, and community

    ♦ Fostering a positive home and school partnership