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Supplemental Policies

Policies below are administered by Ward Services

To enroll into the  policies listed below, contact Ward Service Counselor:
Sue Piscitelli (803) 904-8863.

To cancel a policy, contact Ward Services directly at 1-800-673-6472.

To file a claim for supplemental policy contact Ward Service at 1-800-673-6472.

1. Trustmark Universal Life Insurance(including Long Term Care/Home Health/Adult Care

Universal Life insurance combines the best features of long-term care benefits and permanent life insurance into one policy. With it, your benefits can be paid as a Death Benefit, as Living Benefits, or as a combination of both.

2. Critical Illness Insurance/Coverage

Trustmark’s voluntary Critical Illness insurance helps provide immediate financial relief from the overwhelming expenses of a serious illness, such as a heart attack, stroke,cancer, or major organ transplant.

3. Disability Income Insurance/Coverage

Voluntary Disability Income insurance replaces part of your paycheck when you are disabled and unable to work. It can help you meet financial obligations when you don’t have a paycheck coming in.

 Total disability due to:

  • Non-occupational sickness

  • Non-occupational injury

  • Pregnancy(10 months after effective date)

  • Complications of pregnancy

4. Allstate Cancer

Provides a cash benefit, in addition to your health insurance, when diagnosed with cancer and can help
cover the cost of specific treatments and expenses as they happen.  Offers protection for hospitalization, radiation/chemotherapy, surgery, lodging and transportation, etc.  Affordable premiums and the benefit is paid directly to the employee.

5. Accident Policy

The accident policy helps to pay for the unexpected medical expenses that can come with an accident. This plan can cover all members of the family and help to pay for things like those that ambulance rides, x-rays, visits to the ER and more. It pays on these things regardless of your medical coverage and even offers a health screening benefits, which offers a way to get money back for taking care of your health.