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FMSD Ride 360
FMSD Ride 360
Posted on 08/09/2021
The district has recently partnered with Traversa Ride 360 to offer a new service to our families who use school bus transportation. The Ride 360 app will allow parents to receive bus route information and track the approximate location of your student’s bus as it completes the route. This service will allow parents to better know when their student(s) will be picked up from or arrive at their assigned bus stop. The service is secure and each student’s information must be accessed through a registered account.
To register your student’s account with Ride 360, please follow the instruction provided in the attached pdfs. In order to register your student you will need to use the unique state identification number included in this email. You will receive a separate email for each individual student.
You can register your student through the Ride 360 app available in the Apple or Google Play stores, or visit
If you do not see your student when completing the registration process please allow 24 hours before contacting the Transportation Department to report an issue. New students are currently being added and there may be a delay from the time of input to availability for registration due to system updates.
Click here for the parent guide.
Click here for information on the Ride360 app.