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Updated DHEC Guidance
Updated DHEC Guidance
Posted on 10/15/2021

The district has updated its COVID-19 response plan based on new information released by SC DHEC on Oct. 13. The new guidance provides that students who were within 3 to 6 feet of an infected student and were wearing a face covering during the exposure time are no longer considered a close contact and do not have to quarantine, regardless of whether the infected student was wearing a face covering.

This exception does not apply to teachers, staff, or other adults in the indoor classroom setting. You can review this new guidance by following the links below. 

Guidance Document: (update on page 13)

Official School and Child Care Exclusion List of Contagious or Communicable Diseases: (update on page 30)

COVID-19 Testing

As a reminder, the Fort Mill Schools provides COVID-19 testing, in partnership with Mako Medical and the Anne Springs Close Greenway, for students and staff who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, or who are quarantined from school due to close contact and require a test for early return. For more information, click here.

Please note the following reminders regarding COVID-19 testing:

  • -- Results should be available the day following testing.
  • -- Test results will be communicated through a patient portal. To register for the patient portal, visit You will create an account with the student or staff name who was tested, and his/her date of birth.
  • -- Individuals must download test results from the patient portal as a PDF to submit to the school. Email/text message screenshots of results are not acceptable.
  • -- If you do not receive a QR code during pre-registration, you may still access the test site. 
  • -- It is the individual’s responsibility to share test results with the school. Schools do not have access to the patient portal. The district has limited access to positive test results for verification purposes only.

For more information about COVID-19 testing, click here.