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Job Shadow Day

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

Mark your calendars!  Friday, December 9 is Job Shadow Day for 8th grade students.  The South Carolina Education and Economic Development Act recommends that all 8th grade students participate in Job Shadow Day and Banks Trail Middle School is happy to give students this opportunity!  Students who complete a job shadow on December 9 will not come to school that day and, upon completing the necessary paperwork, receive an excused absence.

Job shadowing gives students a chance to spend time with a professional who works in a career that interests them and encourages further career exploration as they look toward registering for their high school classes.  

There are two options for Job Shadow Day:

  1. Individual experience:  Students identify what interests them, find someone who has that career, and make arrangements to visit them (either in person or virtually) on Friday, December 9.

  2. Pre-arranged field trip:  Students interested in the military can shadow a Marine Corps officer at Catawba Ridge High School.  Students who choose this option will come to school as usual on December 9 and will take a field trip to the JROTC Program at Catawba Ridge.  This trip is also a great opportunity for students interested in taking JROTC in high school.  All 8th graders who come to school on December 9 will go on this field trip to Catawba Ridge High School.  

Once students have their job shadow appointment arranged or have decided to go on the field trip, they must inform us of their plans by completing the form at If students have arranged to have an individual job shadow experience, they need the name of the company, the name and job title of the person they are shadowing, and his/her email address and phone number in order to complete the form.  Parents, this form includes a section that must be completed by you.  Please have this online form completed by Wednesday, November 30

Students can use the attached Job Shadow Questions as a guide for their conversation during the job shadow.  

If students have an individual job shadow experience (vs coming to school and going on the field trip), they must complete the short Job Shadow Reflection at in order to get an excused absence. Students, you must complete this in order to receive an excused absence.  The easiest thing to do is complete it on Friday, December 9 right after your Job Shadow Day.  They will not be accepted after December 16.

Please refer to the attached FAQ’s for more information about Job Shadow Day.  I can’t wait to read about your good experiences!


Kati McFadden

Career Development Facilitator

Fort Mill School District

Job Shadow Frequently Asked Questions

Job Shadow Day Questions

Job Shadow Reflection Form  To be completed after December 9th and submitted by December 16, 2022