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National Board Certification

We are happy to announce #TeamNBCT Week and we have a lot to celebrate in our FMSD!  We have 123 current National Board Certified teachers in our district.  According to Peggy Brookins, NBCT, President and CEO of the National Board, “Our work at the National Board is based on the belief that every child deserves to be taught by an accomplished teacher.  When accomplished practice becomes the norm, the advantage will be significant, spreading beyond students and teachers to be felt by their communities, employers and society at-large.”

In addition to #TeamNBCT Week, we would also like to celebrate our teachers who have successfully renewed their National Board Certification.  Their steadfast commitment and focus on student learning for our children is at the heart of the Fort Mill School District’s commitment – “Children First, Every Day.”

Congrats to all of you and thank you for your diligence and compassion in your classroom and ensuring “Children First, Every Day.” 

National Board Certification Renewal

Susan Balsinger

Deirdra Chandler

Jodie Delapp

Jill Douds

Jacqueline Hahn

Jonathan Hall

Mary Kinard

Dan Kophazi

Maureen McHugh

Mary O'Grady Jones

Timothy Pasour

Gina Perry

Erin Watson

Miranda Young

National Board Certified Teachers

Albaugh, Lisa Marie
Ambrose, Frank P.
Aranda, Adanays D
Bailey, Jennifer S
Balsinger, Susan L
Bartholomew, Amy S
Barts, Haley W
Beasley, Christopher J
Belue, Jessica P
Berns, David D.
Black, Melissa A
Bolling, Gale Anne
Brock, Christopher W
Brooker, Stacey Dawn Long
Burroughs, Melissa S.
Calloway, Jessica Hovis
Chandler, Deirdra Greene
Ciotoli, Darren P
Claypool, Carol J
Cobler, Alicia Joanne
Cutler, Kristi D
Delapp, Jodie Fulcher
DeMeio, Amanda Lee
Dickson, Rebekah C
Doheny, Heather R
Douds, Jill W
Dvorscak, Lisa D
Dye, Justin S
Elkin, Naomi R
Elkins, Kelly R
Eppes, Elizabeth H
Ford, Jason T
Fuller, Marc Christian
Gabriel, Erica L
Gadegbeku, Kendra K
Gaither, Emily A
Gover, Mary Y
Granger, Patricia S
Grantham, Connie A
Graves-Hilliard, Mandy Leigh
Griffin, Judith M
Grooms-Smalls, Marjorie Ann
Grossoehme, Jill Stout
Hahn, Jacqueline F
Hall, Jonathan Randall
Haynes, Kate A
Heard, Mia Alana
Hedrick, Christine A.
Hill, Tori R
Hisman, Bonnie M
Holst, Kristina Deibert
Huguelet, Laurel
Hussey, Veronica Franca
James, Krystal D
Jenkinson, Martha K
Joefreda, Erica Workman
Jones, Erin R
Keenan, Rebecca A.
Keene, Margaret Erin
Kinard, Mary Elizabeth
Kirkley, Samantha Warren
Kophazi, Daniel J
Krinsky, Megan A
Layne, Lacey A
Levesque, Joni Leigh
Lisk, Dawn S
Long, Kimberly L.
McCloskey, Dena Blackwell
McHugh, Maureen Erin
Meyer, Robert R
Milam, Amy Sue
Morris, Heather B
Nesteruk, Erica N
O'Grady-Jones, Mary Kathleen
O'Shea, Marjorie Lynne
Olinger, Jennifer Leanne H
Parham, Erica Roberts
Pasour, Timothy W
Patenaude, Raymond Ellis
Pendleton, Elizabeth Jean
Perry, Gina S
Petrusick, Heather H
Philpott, Katherine R
Price, Kimberly Turner
Pruett, Catherine Painter
Pyrc, Amanda R
Ramsey, Florence H
Randall, Kathleen O'Connor
Reese, Elizabeth Michelle
Revels, Christopher A
Rhyne, Heather Y
Rohring, Amy E
Ross, Lisa S
Rowland, Jodi Lynn
Sams, Jennifer L
Sessions, Kelley Connell
Shrader, Alice Griffin
Sidwell, Beth C
Simpson, Andrew L.
Simpson, Tracy Lee
Slater, Christy L
Solnick, Karen C
Spears, Kristy H
Spinks, Kristen A
Spittle, Heather G
Stephenson, Lindsey C
Stevens, Amanda S
Stewart, Stacie Clayton
Stone, Daniel Paul
Sutphin, Erin E.
Swigunski, Kristin L
Tate, Blair J
Teska, Melia Danielle
Thiboult, Justin B.
Tolbert, Ernest  Jr.
Torrence, Riki Jill
Ussery, Kelly Anne
Vastis, Demetra A
Vawter, Gail B
Watson, Erin M.
White, Kimberly Sue
Young, Miranda Morphisroop